Edmonton Dog Waste Removal

We pick up the “DOO” you don’t want to! Local Edmonton family-run business. We’re here to serve your dog Doo removal needs!

Weekly Poo Pick-Up Service

With our weekly service, you can stop picking up after your pet and rest easy knowing your pet’s poo will be removed every week without booking or hassle. 

Family Owned and Operated

We are a family-owned and operated business. A husband and wife team, with 4 kids, making Edmonton our home. 

Edmonton Business Spotlight

Every month we feature a local pet-focused business within the Edmonton area.  From dog fashion to pet care – we bring some amazing local businesses to light!

Request a Picker

Please note: Additional Initial cleanup fee could apply if it’s been more than one week since the last time your yard has been poo-free. 

Weekly Pick Ups

Ongoing monthly services are available. The 12 Month package is our best value package. The pricing is equivalent to getting 8 weeks of free pickup and includes a spring cleanup for free after we service your yard for the first full winter. Initial one-time cleanup is still required to start. 


1 Time Pick Ups

Our one-time pickups charge out at $1 per minute per worker on site. We charge a $60 Minimum. The average clean-up is 60 minutes. (Cleanups can take between 45-140 minutes)

What Our Client’s Are Saying

We’ve Got You Covered


Weekly Poo Removal keeping your yard clean and protected.


You have better things to do! Let us do the dirty work for you and have more time with your pet and family.


Poo Pickers pet waste removal on a weekly basis helps reduce the potential health risks.

What an amazing service! We usually put it off and it becomes a weekend chore. Now we can relax, enjoy our Cleo AND not have to watch where we walk! Love Poo Pickers!

Cleo - Newhook Family Owners

Poo Pickers

Pet Waste Removal Made EASY!

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Operating Hours

Mon-Fri: 8:00am-5:00pm