You may be asking yourself…why would I hire someone to pick up MY dog’s poo in MY yard??? Great question!

We know you love your pets and we know that you want the best for them. We also know life can be a bit crazy at times and some things do not make the top of the list. Here are our Top 5 Reasons to use our services:

1. Your time is valuable – We know you have a busy life. Busy with your kids, busy in your business, or busy working hard at your job. Let us do the stinky work for you so you can spend more time doing the things that matter.

2. Reduced risk of the dreaded squishy step! – With having a consistent ongoing weekly service the risk of you having to clean your shoes is drastically reduced. Your dog will have less opportunity to roll in it or eat it and your kids will have less chance of playing in it

3. Health concerns – with any type of feces comes to risk. Keeping the poop picked up on a regular basis reduces the chance of getting any unwanted bacteria in your system that could harm you.

4. You work out of town – If you work out of town and your dog stays home the mess builds up. Our one-time service or monthly plan is perfect for you.

5. You are Tired – You work hard, you play hard, you’re an intentional parent which I know takes a lot of work having four kids myself, you cook you clean you do it all! Let us help lighten your load♥️💩

There are a number of great companies that can provide a great service for you. Picking up dog food isn’t difficult lol. What we bring to the table is a family-owned and operated character-driven business that strives to exceed your expectations and add more value than the cost you pay. We are here to serve you and our communities. A portion of our proceeds is donated to a phenomenal charity. We also give any civil servants and military personnel a 10% discount. We value your service and we value your business.