Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to be home for the pickup?

A: No. All we need is access to your yard.

Q: Do you make sure to shut my gate after your done?

A: Of course! We would never want to risk your pup getting out. We can even send a video clip on the way our to ensure you know it’s securely closed. 

Q: Can my dog be outside while you work?

A: Yes, as long as they are friendly! We love seeing the dog’s. 

Q: Can I pay monthly or is it all purchased in advance?

A: You can pay either way. You can pay the regular month by month rate or you can access the discounted rates by purchasing a weekly pickup package. The larger the package the greater the discount! If you purchase a 12 month package you get 2 months of service free along with the initial and spring cleanup for FREE!

Q: Do you take the Poo?

A: 99% of the time we will take it with us. If we pickup on your garbage day or you have a black garbage bin we may leave the bag there.

Q: What do you do with the poo?

A: The recommended way for disposal of dog waste is throwing it in the garbage. That’s what we do. There is ways to turn dog waste into fertilizer but at the moment we don’t have the facilities to process that. May be in the future! 

Q: How often do you come?

A: if you sign up for one of our pickup packages we will come once a week. Example: if you purchase a 6-month package, That’s 26 weeks of pickup.

Q: Do you working bad weather?

A: Rain, Snow or blistering hot! We are there to do your weekly pickup. If there is severe weather conditions that would impact the effectiveness of our pickup we would postpone the pickup for one week continue on the following week and extend your package by one week.

Q: Is it secure to purchase on your website?

A: Yes, the most secure you can get. We use “Stripe”, which is the same used by Google pay. 

Q: Do you keep our credit card numbers on file

A: No, we do not collect or keep any credit card numbers nor do we have the means to do so because everything is processed through stripe which keeps your card numbers secure even from us. Your card number is private it should stay that way. 

Q: Can I pay other ways than credit card?

A: We except all forms of payment except American Express credit card. If you would like to pay cash or e-transfer, just contact us and we will send you an invoice. 

Q: Who does my pickup?

A: Your pickup will be done by an approved poo picker. They require a clean driver’s abstract and a clean criminal record, great people skills and a great smile to work for us. 

Q: Do you service acreages?

A: We do actively service acreages for a higher price. Call for a quote.

Q: What if I move?

A: if you move within our service limits we will happily service you at your new location. The Day of Service may change if you move out of that days pickup zone.

Q: what if I move outside of your pickup service area?

A: We will happily refund the remainder of the balance no questions asked

Q: Can I cancel my plan early?

A: Yes. You can opt out of your plan. The price per services completed would be adjusted to the length of service you have received and the remaining balance would be refunded. Example: if you purchase a 6 month plan and opted out after 3 months. We would calculate the amount of services you received at the 3-month rate and refund the difference. 

Q: Do you offer odor spray solutions?

A: Yes, we don’t advertise this but we can do this by request. We would just need access to your garden hose and we would supply the rest. The cost is $50 for a Standard urban yard. 

Q: Do I have to do a weekly service?

A: No, we have a one time on call service option. It’s $1 per minute with a minimum $25 charge which covers the first 25 minutes. 

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