Terms and Conditions

Our Commitment

Rain, Shine, Sleet, or Snow!, +50 or -50,  we will get your pickup done. We will always ensure your gates are securely closed. We will do a quality service that exceeds your expectations.


Day of Service


One-time services:

You will be booked in at our earliest convenience. You will receive a booking confirmation by text or email. You are not required to be home during the service.

Weekly pickup:

Service days are subject to change. As we grow our business we may adjust your day of service to best serve our customers as a whole.

Entry to the yard:

You will be notified by text the day before your service so you can make sure your yard is accessible. Our Poo Pickers will notify you when they are on the way by text message. They will enter your yard when they arrive, clean up and go.

Unable to enter the yard:

If there are barriers to entering the yard such as locked gates, Snow or ice build-up, or anything that prevents entry to the yard we will phone the number on file. If there’s no answer on the phone we will knock on the door. If we aren’t able to get a hold of anyone they will proceed on their route and the pickup will not be compensated.

Intimidating or aggressive dogs:

If your dog seems intimidating or aggressive to our poo pickers they may request to have them inside for the cleanup.


If your pickup falls on a statutory holiday we will skip that pick up and resume the following week and you will not be charged.


There is always a margin of error with snow pickups. We will track through the snow dragging our feet to find as much as possible and grab everything we can. We won’t be digging up the snow in the yard but we will get everything we can see on and under the surface

Long grass:

Long grass hides a surprising amount of poo. We will get all we can see and recommend the grass be cut for the most effective clean up

Previously Damaged Property:

If we arrive on site and see there is a damaged Gate or other damaged property, we will document it with time-stamped notes and images and let you know to ensure proper documentation and record keeping.

Missed Weekly Pickup:

Sometimes unforeseen circumstances like sick staff or a broken down vehicle can prevent us from completing our daily route. In this circumstance, we will do our best to complete a makeup cleanup in the following 1-2 days. If that is not possible we will credit your pickup and resume the regular weekly schedule the following week.

Poo Pickers

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Mon-Fri: 8:00am-5:00pm